Secure Zone provides a range of Professional Detection & Security Solutions. 

All Services detailed below can be tailored to individual requirements.


Customer Satisfaction is our Priority, therefore we aim to provide a complete peace of mind and reliable service for new & existing customers. 







Intruder Alarms

An Intruder alarm system is designed to detect intrusion or unauthorized entry into a building or area.

Intruder systems are used to protect domestic, commercial and industrial properties against burglary, property damage as well as personal protection against intruders. 


At Secure Zone we have the expertise to professionally install wired and wireless technology systems.

Choosing to have an Intruder Alarm installed, will not only help protect your home or premises, but will provide peace of mind and deter intruders from trespassing.

We offer a free site survey which advises the best security solution to suit your needs.





C.C.T.V has been around for many years, there were many drawbacks to the old traditional systems, high price, high maintenance, poor quality and having to change tapes, trying to find an event.

Today's Technology provides a more user friendly and reliable viewing, with the advantage of HD pictures. Remote access option, allows user to view their home or premises from anywhere in the world via internet connection.


C.C.T.V is now an essential part of security, it can help combat crime in many different environments, can also be used as a tool in and around the workplace. Example, looking over machinery to see correct operation or as an overview of the workplace for health & safety related issues.


All of our C.C.T.V systems can be linked to smartphones, tablets and laptops etc.

We offer a free site survey which advises the best option to suit your specific needs.

Access Control


Access control can add another level of security to the building. It can allow you to control who can enter your facility or certain areas of the building.


Access Control systems have been necessary for most companies, large or small. Access Control can be used for a single door entry/exit system, to a large multi door system in the workplace.

Product can include remote keypad systems, key fobes, prox tags, remote swipe cards, remote control, audio intercom & audio/video intercom.


At the home, customers can also add a level of protection to their security by adding an access control system to their gate automation, which helps stop unwanted visitors entering or trespassing their property.






Fire Detection

Fire alarm systems are designed to alert people from visual and audible alarms when smoke/fire is present. These alarms maybe activated from smoke / heat detectors, call point and or from a combination detector smoke and heat.


There are 3 main categories of Fire alarm systems such as L to save life. P  to protect building and M for a manual system.

For More Information on Fire Alarm Systems, and specific categories, please contact us.

Security Lighting

Security lighting can be a single light or a multi zone lighting system, they can be used internal or external to increase security at the home or business. Security lighting can also be used as an aid to light up entry and exit routes in the dark mornings and nights.


Security lighting systems can be tailored to suit customer requirements.  New LED Technology provides a high level of light for less power usage compared to a standard security light.

The advantage of LED lights, are, maintenance free and low power consumption.

Emerency Lighting

If you have business premises and employ staff, you have a duty of care and responsibility for others within the the work place.


Secure Zone can install a high quality emergency lighting system to help ensure in the event of an emergency, escape from the premises that all will not be hindered by lack of electrical light. Whatever the environment and specification, we can tailor the system to suit  your needs.

 Lighting Solutions

Lighting and illumination can change an old space into a new & modern setting.  Secure Zone can offer lighting solutions for different applications such as courtesy lighting, decorative lighting and energy saving lighting, all with new LED technology.

Courtesy lighting can give a welcome approach to the home or business, it can also be helpful to illuminate an entrance path.


Decorative Lighting can provide a modern & stylish look to an old or new space, within the home or garden, enhancing different moods.

New LED Technology lighting can be used indoor & out, and is a very low power consumption.

Aerials & Satellite

At Secure Zone, we can install new aerial & Satellite Systems, from Digital FreeView TV, to Free Sat.

We can also install your Sky Dish in a preferred place.

If your TV Aerial or Satellite system / dish has been damaged, we can offer a repair or replace service.


We aim to reach 100% satisfaction with your Aerial & Satellite reception.


Servicing, Maintenance
& Contracts Available